ADAPT SFI Problem Solving Workshops 2021/2022

If you / your students would like to attend a workshop, please register for AILO 2021 HERE.

Nov 2021 – Jan 2022 Workshops

Workshop details will be posted here in October. You can try last year’s workshop with video solutions below.

Nov 2020 – Jan 2021 Workshop Materials

Please watch the AILO workshop introduction video here on Youtube and try the three puzzles below.

We have two live Zoom Discussion sessions for any students / teachers  who don’t have an AILO tutor Zoom visit in your school this year. These are taking place at 6pm Wednesday 9th December 2020 and 6pm Wednesday 13th January 2021.

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Puzzle 1 – Norwegian

Puzzle 2 – Phoenician

Puzzle 3 – Swahili


Please only look at the solutions below after your zoom tutor session or once you have tried the puzzles yourself. There is an introduction to the solutions on YouTube and this links to the videos below:

Norwegian Solution PDF and Solution Video on YouTube

Phoenician Solution PDF and Solution Video on YouTube

Swahili Solution PDF and Solution Video on YouTube