2017/8 AILO Materials

International Linguistics Olympiad Prague 2018 Papers

2018 IOL Prague Individual Paper
2018 IOL Prague Team Paper

IOL 2018 Team Training Materials

2018 June Online Sessions Materials

Thanks to support from the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht under the Co-operation with Northern Ireland Fund, we have been able to design and develop new training materials and send training examples and the AILO brochure to all secondary schools on the island of Ireland.


Theory theory examples, Practice problems and Practice problem solutions. Please email ailo@adaptcentre.ie if you would like to access a video of these sessions.

2018 July On-Site Training Overview, Presentation, 2017 refresher presentation (to be uploaded)

Materials and Solutions:

IOL 2013 Q5 French, IOL 2011 Q2 Faroese, IOL 2012 Q3 Basque, IOL 2010 Q3 Blissymbolics, IOL 2012 Q3 Umbu Ungu, IOL 20015 Q4 Yoruba

Linguistic heritage of these islands (to be uploaded)

National Final Papers

2018 AILO National Final Individual Paper and Answer Booklet and Solution
2018 AILO National Final Team Paper and Answer Booklet and Solution

Preliminary (School) Round Paper

2018 AILO Preliminary Round Paper and Answer Booklet and Solution

2017/8 Workshop Pack

Workshop Presentation: AILO_2017/8_Workshop Presentation File

Workshop Exercises:  AILO 2018 Exercises_student_version and AILO 2018 Exercises_SOLUTIONS

Workshop Puzzles:

A case of Pali and A case of Pali Solution

Getting the hang of hangul and Getting the hang of hangul_Solution

Ye Olde Englishe Probleme and Ye Olde Englishe Probleme Solution

Sample Training Sets for AILO 2018

Sample Set One:

Welsh & Solution

Tamil & Tamil Solution

Maasai & Maasai Solution

Sample Set Two:

Ampharic & Ampharic Solution

Walrus & Walrus solution

Sample Set Three:

Braille (includes solution)

Hungarian (includes solution)

Sample Set Four:

Hmong and Hmong solution

IIocano and IIocano solution

Turkish and Turkish solution

Solutions to Brochure Sample Puzzles

Chinese Football Puzzle, plus their Solutions: Chinese Football and Japanese

Hawaiian Puzzle and Solution (scroll to last page)

Try more out for yourself

The International Linguistics Olympiad website has links to the International Olympiad Papers and Samples. Among the fascinating examples are ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, the Quechua Incan language, and the early Aztec language, Nahuatl.

  • A large collection of problems, of different levels of difficulty, used in the North American Olympiad
  • Finally even larger collection of problems, including those from the International Linguistics Olympiads. (Log in as ‘guest’, password ‘guest’.)
    If you click ‘browse all’, you’ll see a long list of test questions, mostly paired with their solutions. Not all are written in English, but a large number are.