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AILO 2019/20 Sample Puzzles

AILO 2019/20 Sample Sets Sept – Dec 2019 


Our New Online Practice Round

Get a feel for how AILO Online works and see if AILO is for you!

Try some online practice questions that will give you your results automatically and show you what kind of questions come up during the competition.

Visit ailo-online to try some practice questions!

2019/20 Workshop Materials

This years workshop materials will be available soon! Previous year’s workshop materials can be found on the individual year pages, click here for the 2019 workshop pack.

 Samples from Other Olympiads

The International Linguistics Olympiad website has links to the International Olympiad Papers and Samples. Among the fascinating examples are ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, the Quechua Incan language, and the early Aztec language, Nahuatl.

Puzzles from the AILO Brochure

International Linguistics Olympiad

IOL Competition, 2018-2017 Papers

IOL 2018 Team Training Materials

2018 June Online Sessions Materials

Thanks to support from the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht under the Co-operation with Northern Ireland Fund, we have been able to design and develop new training materials and send training examples and the AILO brochure to all secondary schools on the island of Ireland.

Please email ailo@adaptcentre.ie if you would like to access a video of these sessions.

2018 July On-Site Training OverviewPresentation, 2017 refresher presentation (to be uploaded)

Material and Solutions from Other years