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Who is eligible?

All second level students, registered with a school or registered home-schooled in Ireland, both North and South, are eligible to participate. You cannot participate in a ‘gap year’ after you have left school.

Students may only participate in one national linguistics Olympiad in a school year (e.g. You can not take part in AILO and the UKLO / German Olympiad etc. at the same time).

The challenge can be taken by students at any stage in their second level studies, and we have two age groups.

  • Junior Category is open to students under 16 years old registered in a secondary school on the island of Ireland.
  • Senior Category is open to students 16 years and up registered in a secondary school on the island of Ireland.

Both Junior and Senior Category students will take the same puzzles and be marked in the same way. However, we will award prizes and trophies to the winners of each category.