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2017/8 AILO Materials

IOL Papers

Sample Training Sets for AILO 2018

Sample Set One:

  1. Welsh & Solution
  2. Tamil & Tamil Solution
  3. Maasai & Maasai Solution

Sample Set Two:

  1. Ampharic & Ampharic Solution
  2. Walrus & Walrus solution

Sample Set Three:

  1. Braille (includes solution)
  2. Hungarian (includes solution)

Sample Set Four:

  1. Hmong and Hmong solution
  2. IIocano and IIocano solution
  3. Turkish and Turkish solution

 AILO Preliminary (School) Round

AILO National Final

 2017/8 Workshop Pack

Workshop Puzzles:

A case of Pali and A case of Pali Solution

Getting the hang of hangul and Getting the hang of hangul_Solution

Ye Olde Englishe Probleme and Ye Olde Englishe Probleme Solution

Try more out for yourself on the Puzzles page