Sample Puzzles

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AILO 2018/9 Sample Puzzles

AILO 2019 Sample Set One (pop-up asks two questions first and then redirects)
AILO 2019 Sample Set Two (pop-up asks two questions first and then redirects)

Sample Set two will be available 22nd October 2018. Please do try the 2018 workshop puzzles, sample sets and competition papers on the 2018 page.




Puzzles from the AILO Brochure

Some Samples from other Olympiads

  • A List of fun problems (ranging from easy to hard) from the UKLO website
  • A large collection of problems, of different levels of difficulty, used in the North American Olympiad
  • Finally even larger collection of problems, including those from the International Linguistics Olympiads. (Log in as ‘guest’, password ‘guest’.)
    If you click ‘browse all’, you’ll see a long list of test questions, mostly paired with their solutions. Not all are written in English, but a large number are.