Sample Puzzles

Sample puzzle sets, workshop materials / solutions and previous AILO puzzles can be found below.

2017/8 Workshop Pack

Workshop Presentation: AILO_2018_Workshop Presentation File

Workshop Exercises:  AILO 2018 Exercises_student_version and AILO 2018 Exercises_SOLUTIONS

Workshop Puzzles:

A case of Pali and A case of Pali Solution, Getting the hang of hangul and Getting the hang of hangul_Solution, Ye Olde Englishe Probleme and Ye Olde Englishe Probleme Solution

Sample Training Sets for AILO 2018

2018 Training Sets

Sample Set One:

Welsh & Solution

Tamil & Tamil Solution

Maasai & Maasai Solution

Sample Set Two:

Ampharic & Ampharic Solution

Walrus & Walrus solution

Sample Set Three:

Braille (includes solution)

Hungarian (includes solution)

Sample Set Four:

Hmong and Hmong solution

IIocano and IIocano solution

Turkish and Turkish solution

                AILO 2017 Round 1 and Final Papers

                AILO 2017 Round 1 Question booklet

                AILO 2017 Round 1 Answerbook

                AILO 2017 Round 1 marks scheme

                AILO 2017 Final Individual Question booklet

                AILO 2017 Final Team Question booklet

                AILO 2017 Round 2 team answer book_new

               AILO 2017 Final Solutions

                IOL 2017 Dublin International Olympiad Papers

Solutions to Brochure Sample Puzzles

Try more out for yourself

The International Linguistics Olympiad website has links to the International Olympiad Papers and Samples. Among the fascinating examples are ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, the Quechua Incan language, and the early Aztec language, Nahuatl.

  • A large collection of problems, of different levels of difficulty, used in the North American Olympiad
  • Finally even larger collection of problems, including those from the International Linguistics Olympiads. (Log in as ‘guest’, password ‘guest’.)
    If you click ‘browse all’, you’ll see a long list of test questions, mostly paired with their solutions. Not all are written in English, but a large number are.

Sample Training Sets for AILO 2017

Sample Training Sets for AILO 2016

Try more out for yourself

 2016 Papers

Round 1

I found and I was happy

Read and write Nepali

Adam Peterson’s grandmother

Trilingual characters

The house can’t eat you

Round 2

Tangled up in nots

The curious case of Estonian

Signs from above

Snakes alive

Best to deny it in Warlpiri

 2015 Papers


2014 Papers

2013 Papers

Puzzles from the 2015 AILO Brochure