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TY Module Puzzles

All the puzzles referred to in the Transition Year Linguistics Module are listed here:

Topic 1 Introduction

1.2 Slovenian Puzzle and Solution

1.3 Swedish Danish Puzzle and Solution

Topic 2 Historical Linguistics

2.3 Ye Olde English Problem and Solution

Topic 3 Phonetics

3.3 Articulation test and Solution

Topic 4 Sociolinguistics

4.3 Cameroonian Pidgin English and Solution

Topic 5 Writing Systems

5.1 Chinese Football and Solution

5.1 Phoenician Puzzle and Solution

5.3 Elder Futhark Runes puzzle and Solution

Topic 6 Language Acquisition

6.2 We are all Molistic and Solution

Topic 7 Morphology

7.3 Maltese Puzzle and Solution

Topic 8 Syntax

8.2 Dogs and cats on trees puzzle and Solution

8.3 Grammar Rules and Solution

Topic 9 Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics


Topic 10 Machine Translation

10.3 Running on MT Puzzle and Solution